Monday November 19, 2018

About Us

The team at Quartermaster Supplies HQ and Shooter Ready Shooting Supplies, have more than 2 decades involvement in the firearms collecting and shooting industry, and are currently sourcing products from all around the world. We are constantly adding to our extensive range of exciting accessories for your favorite toys. Keep an eye out for our sales tables at your local gun shows. If you know of an upcoming Gun Show or a Hunting and Fishing Show in your area and you would like Quartermaster Supplies to have some sales tables there, just drop us an email to let us know when and where, and who to contact.

We are the Authorized Agents for NcStar and A.T.I. and Tufforce products in NZ. We are based in Cambridge. If you would like to pop into the "bunker" to view our extensive range of products please pop in to our shop............"Shooter Ready" Shooting Supplies at 32 Lake Street, Cambridge.

Purchasing items is as easy as Clicking on "Contact Us" and sending off an email to us with your order and your address that you would like the items sent to. We will then email you back with our Bank details and as soon as the funds show up in our account, we will then ship your items to you. (What Could Be Simpler !!!) We call it the "K.I.S.S." principle.
Please allow 1 - 2 days for North Island Delivery
Please allow 2 - 3 days for South Island Delivery
Add 1 -2 days extra for Rural Delivery.

Shipping Prices -
$6.00 - City/Town Nationwide for most items,
Larger items are extra (ie: stocks and lg spotting scopes)
$5.00 - Extra for Rural Delivery Nationwide

Please contact us for International Shipping Prices.


Mil Dot


P4 Sniper
Standard Mil Dot Reticle used to estimate range for increased accuracy.

Download: Mil Dot Tech Sheet

Combination of two Reticles in one. P4 sniper and unique choke style range finding reticle designed for instant range estimation.
Download: Rangefinder Tech Sheet

Specially designed Reticle to estimate range with quickness and accuracy using a simple mathematical formula

P4 Sniper Tech Sheet


Red Dot

Small Cross

Standard plex Reticle gives the shooter a more natural acquisition between the Reticle and the target

The red dot Reticle only illumines in the center giving you a 2 moa dot for easy shot placement in virtually any light condition

Similar to the red dot Reticle, the small cross only illuminates a small portion of the Reticle for those who do not want full illumination

Star Burst



Reticle is found only on models D4B, D4S, D4C, and DTB4

Reticle is found only on models D4B, D4S, D4C, and DTB4

Reticle is found only on models D4B, D4S, D4C, and DTB4


All of our red dot sights are reflex type with 3 MOA size while a few are 5 MOA or 2 MOA